Lexicon (designed in 1992 by Bram de Does) is pre-eminently suitable for output on laser and other low-resolution printers and for typesetting in small sizes.
Lexicon is therefore the perfect typeface for use in office correspondence) and applications that require highly economical setting (dictionaries, Bibles, timetables, encyclopedias etc.). Lexicon has been used for example in Van Dale's Het Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal.

Main groups

Lexicon consists of two main groups: Lexicon No.1 and Lexicon No.2. Lexicon No.1 has short stems (ascenders and descenders); Lexicon No.2 has 'normal' stems. Both groups share the same widths thus making it possible to change fonts without reflowing text.

The weights

Each main group contains 12 variants: six upright weights (A to F) and six italic weights (A to F). A is the regular weight, and F is the boldest weight.